Annual parish Meeting

Annual parish Meeting
The Agenda for our Annual Meeting this year

Annual parish Meeting
Minutes from our APM in 2020

Deanery Synod Report
Here is what our reps on the Deanery Synod had to report

Examiner's Report
Here is what our Examiner said about our accounts

Statement of Assets
Here is what we have....

Balance Sheet
Here is our 2020 Balance Sheet

Pastoral Care Group
Here is a very brief summary of this ministry during 2020

Parochial Church Council
Here is what our PCC has been considering in the last year, when we have been able to meet.

Treasurer's Report
Here is our Treasurer's Report on our finances in a turbulent twelve months

Safeguarding Report
Here is what our Parish Safeguarding Officer has to tell you about this aspect of our church life in the last year