Fabric Report

April 2023 – April 2024

28th November 2023 Boiler Service £432.00

9th November 2023 Newcastle Diocesan Registry £273.00

West End Repair Faculty

25th January 2024 Detection of under floor electrical £2715.00

Fault replacement of cables in organ loft. Replacement of fuse box and heating controls

Gutter cleaning carried out as necessary -small repairs carried out as required.

Future repair undertakings

West Window & Masonry Repairs

The west window is in need of much of the stonework being repaired or replaced and the glass being re-leaded and cleaned.

Total cost will be in excess of £210,000.

We have applied to many funders for assistance in raising this sum but still are a long way short of the total needed.

Guttering and drainpipe repairs.

The guttering to both roof levels is in need of inspection for blockages and where necessary the replacement of the down comer drainpipes. At the moment it is impossible to give a total cost for this work as scaffolding will need to be erected for the inspections to take place. A previous quotation for all the pipework to be replaced was listed at £39000.00.

South Porch

The wood in the South Porch needs to be sanded and re-oiled.

We have received a donation to cover the cost of this.

Church Hall

12th June 2023 New Light Fitting £120.00

11th October 2023 New Light Tubes and Extractor Fan £120.00

Roof leak repaired – gents toilet ceiling repaired.

Small repairs to heating and light tubes replaced, as necessary.

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