Mothers' Union

St. George’s Cullercoats Parish has a branch of the Mothers' Union who is very active in the work of the Mothers' Union. Learn more here about this worldwide movement:

We are a 4 million strong international Christian membership movement across 84 countries with a vision of a world where everyone prospers. Members have been supporting families and communities in the UK and worldwide since 1876.

Our focus is ‘Mothering’ in all its forms. It is a Union because it represents people (men and woman) who are united in advocating for and supporting families and those whose lives have met with adversity, regardless of faith or background.

Our work is threefold:

Programmes: designed to meet the needs of people within local communities - from entrepreneur training, health education, parenting and relationship education provision to teddies for children experiencing stress or trauma. 

Policies: at international, national and at local level. Our policy work challenges root causes of injustice and works for better conditions in society for children and families.

Prayers:  All of our work is underpinned by the Christian faith of our members.

MU members contribute through their subscriptions to life-giving projects nationally and internationally. These include Literacy Programmes, Prison work, Refuges for victims of domestic violence, Support for refugees, Community Development and Skills Programmes, Schools support for poor families and Business classes to equip women to make a living.
MU works with United Nations to campaign against Gender-based violence and other injustices.
Some local initiatives supported by MU members in recent years:

  • Hospital Emergency Bags are provided across the region with overnight essentials for those who arrive with nothing.
  • Premature Baby Knitting Garments are sent to the Special Care Baby Units at local hospitals.
  • Fiddle muffs are sent to local Care Homes and Dementia Units

Other projects include...

  • Newcastle People’s Kitchen
  • Changing Lives
  • Support for Ukranian and Syrian refugees
  • Walking With
  • Fresh Start
  • The Fishermen's Mission North Shields

Members in our branch here at St. George’s take part in many of the above listed activities. We are an integral part of the community in our Parish. We welcome families into church when children are presented for baptism.

We meet regularly for prayer and worship, and are in contact with local agencies and leaders involved in supporting people in need.

Our branch Leader is Ann Lilley. Find out how to contact her through this website or through

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