Safeguarding Report

Safeguarding Report

The Safeguarding team has met three times since this time last year. We continue to use the Safe- guarding dashboard that the Diocese rolled out in 2021 which ensures we are compliant with the 2016 House of Bishops recommendations on Safeguarding. At the time of writing this report we are 97% compliant according to the Dashboard with only two outstanding actions that are amber “for action “not red that would deem them urgent.Although many areas are fully compliant. As a parish we continue to work to maintain and improve procedures.Therefore, what follows is a summary of the tasks that have been undertaken and new procedures that have been put in place. Namely:

  • The PCC regularly approve the action plan generated by the dashboard as areas are com- pleted or updated.

  • The new Safeguarding Policy statement has been adopted by the PCC.

  • DBS checks continue to be maintained and updated.

  • Declaration forms for the majority of major groups within the Church have been recently updated and completed.

  • Risk assessments have been completed for the majority of major groups within the Church.

  • A description of role and responsibilities have been created for the Choir leader in relation to the choir.

  • Core Safeguarding training has been undertaken by members of the PCC.

  • A document on privacy and confidentiality has been produced.

Using the Safeguarding dashboard, we will continue to work on tracking our progress as well as constantly reviewing and updating our policies and procedures. Thus, continuing to work to make our church a safer place for all.

We also need to ensure that training is kept up to date by encouraging newly appointed members of the PCC to complete the Basic online training available. And that where necessary refresher courses are undertaken if three years have lapsed, and the person is still in post. This continues to be an ongoing focus. In the following months we need to obtain a risk assessment for the Choir. We as also need to present to the PCC the procedures for dealing with Safeguarding allegations and concerns as it is up for review and validation.

In accordance with Safeguarding guidelines, we need to report that there have been no Safeguard- ing issues in this year, and this has been noted by the PCC.

This concludes the Safeguarding annual report for 2024. I would like to thank the PCC for their support and due regard for Safeguarding. Lastly but not least my thanks to the Safeguarding team and everyone else for their support and contributions.

Alison French (Safeguarding Officer)

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