You are very special

It is very special when a couple decide to commit themselves to one another in marriage. It is even more special when two people ask for that committment to be made before God and consecrated in a church. If you are thinking about a church wedding and would like to find out more, we should be only too pleased to help.

The Church of England has a very useful website with all sorts of useful information about getting married in church - If you want to find out more then this is probably a good place to start.

Can I get married at Saint George's Church?

Saint George's Church is a wonderful to place for a wedding, and working with and caring for, those who are married here is a very important part of the ministry of this church. Your first contact will be with the Vicar, Father Adrian (0191 252 1817) who will be only too pleased to arrange a time to meet you both and chat over a cup of coffee. It is not possible to 'choose your church' as you would choose a venue for your reception, but either you or your partner have to have some sort of connection with Cullercoats. We are very happy to give guidance and as much help to you as we can - the important thing is that if you want to be married in church, we should help to make that possible. One of the useful starting points may be to find out which is your local church where you live, and you can find this out by having a look at

I should like to get married in church but I don't go there on a Sunday - does it matter?

No. If you live in the parish or have a connection with this parish church, you are 'ours' and we should be delighted to welcome you to your parish church.

What will it cost?

The legal fee is £505 but there are additional costs to consider, for example for our organist and flowers. In 2019 the total cost will be £790.

My partner or I are divorced - can we still get married at Saint George's?

You must come and talk to us - we never say 'no' on the 'phone. We follow guidelines set down by our Bishop and we do apply them quite strictly. There have been weddings here where one or both people have been divorced, but it is quite unusual. We are always keen to talk this through with you and see what options and alternatives might be possible - and there are many. The important thing is that we are here to help you and offer support, information and advice.

Do we have to go to a Registry office first?

No. A marriage 'solemnised' in Church is recognised in law. You will sign the marriage registers here, in church, just as you would at the office of the Registrar.

We are getting married - can we come to Saint George's later and have the wedding blessed?

Yes. Once you are legally married, we cannot marry you again, but can arrange for your marriage to be blessed here, so that any family or friends who were not able to be present when you made your vows, can be part of the great event. You don't need to have any connection with the this parish at all to enjoy such a blessing here. Please contact us. We should be delighted to hear from you.

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