Deanery Synod Report


Deanery Synod Report to APM – April 2021

Since the last APM, Deanery Synod has just met twice three times, in November and March, with me, Margaret Patterson and Aubrey Bowles as representatives from St. George’s.

The Revd. Tim Mayfield is Area Dean, in July with Emma Doran as Lay Chair and Dr. Iain Shaw as Finance Officer, and Jan Porter remaining as Secretary and the post of Treasurer, currently vacant.  

Each meeting has begun with parish representatives asking for prayer for a particular aspect of their parish life.  News has been given of comings and goings within the Deanery and reports have been received from Diocesan and General Synods.  

The Bishop of Berwick was present at the November meeting and spoke about the challenges facing the Deanery and the Diocese including the existing financial crisis which had exacerbated by the COVID 19 virus and lockdown.  The Synod then considered some ways forward.  The new Deanery Development Group was set up with me on from St George’s.  A presentation was also given by the Deanery Finance Officer on Parish Share giving the latest figures and stating that our position in the Diocese was above average.

At the time of writing, the next Synod meeting was scheduled to be on the 9th of March, when the main items to be discussed will be, a Deanery Mission Enabler (new estates) Revd. Dr Rae Caro, Deanery Development Group and its work so far, (Parish Reorganisation) and a talk on Parish Share.

Regarding Parishes, it is interesting to note that there are vacancies at St. Mark, Shiremoor, St. Luke and St. Peter, Wallsend and St. Aidan, Billy Mill and St. Hilda, Marden.  We need to pray for and support these parishes whenever we can and give thanks for the ministry of the Revd. Canon Adrian Hughes here at St. George’s.

Brian McNally.