Church Wardens' Report



I am pleased to present this report for the year 2020/2021

Both Blyth and I would like to give our thanks to Fr. Adrian for his support and help during the year. We would also like to thank all who have assisted us during the year.  A special thank you to the Readers and Intercessors, together with all the volunteers, for their contributions and ensuring that services run smoothly. May we also thank the retired clergy who assist so frequently filling in for services, without them it would be a struggle to maintain the number of services which are offered.

A special thanks to Maurice and Andrew who have been in church on Sundays throughout the time that we have been able to have services. The main reason that we have been able to carry on with worship is the care put in to ensure social distancing when the congregation is entering, taking communion, and exiting the church.

Regretfully all those events that that we look forward to throughout the year have been unable to carry on, but hopefully there is light ahead and as the year progresses, we may be able to have some get togethers and return to a more normal way of life.

We would normally give a Fabric Committee report but except for the repairs to the Clerestorey and Apse windows there has not been any work undertaken. Repairs are necessary to the ground floor windows and hope to be able to have those carried out in the near future. Hopefully with little disruption to services. 

Churchwardens have responsibilities to the Incumbent, the Archdeacon, and the Bishop. 

Normally we would attend a church in the Diocese to hear the Archdeacon’s charge and be sworn in. this was all done on Zoom this year.

We also have responsibility to ensure the inventory of Church belongings is up to date and accurate, and once again we have carried out an audit, and found everything to be satisfactory.  Once every two years we also have a visit from the Archdeacon who carries out an inspection, according to our records we were due a visit this year, but it never took place. Maybe this year?

I can also report that the insurances for the church buildings and contents are up to date, together with those for the church hall. Our CCLI Licence for music has also been paid. Currently the premiums that are paid for insurances are:

Church     & Church Hall        £10458.52CCLI                      £239.00

Thank you all again for you much valued support.

Blyth Johnson

Michael Nicholson