The Return from Exile

Public Worship resumes on Sunday 4th July. There will be a celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 9.30a.m. For the time being this will be the only liturgy on Sundays.

Holy Communion will be administered in one kind only, and from the chancel step rather than the altar rail in the sanctuary. Sadly we are not yet allowed to sing hymns, but there will be music!

All the directions for those intending are in the newsletter which is sent out the day before. Please be guided by the sidesmen and wardens.


Worship during the week

There will be a celebration of the Holy Eucharist on the following days:

  • 9am on Monday
  • 10am on Thursday
  • 10am on Saturday

each celebration will be in the Lady Chapel.


Those not yet able to return

There are a number of members of our church family who, for a variety of reasons, will be unable to join us just yet for public worship. We hold them in our prayers and look forward to the day when they too may return to join us.


Keeping in Touch

The newsletter which will continue to be distributed by e-mail, or where necessary, by hand. It will be posted on this website each week.

If you have any items for inclusion, then please contact me on, or Maggi Creese

Our network of telephone contacts will continue so that we can keep in touch with as many people as possible. If you know someone who might need a chgat, please contact Fr. Adrian (0191 252 1817) or Margaret Patterson our Reader (0191 257 0211)

We have a Facebook page! 'Parish of St George, Cullercoats' look us up and tell us you like it! We also have a Whats App Group so we can chat through the week and keep each other company!


Helping Out

If you can lend a hand with cleaning the church surfaces please let Fr. Adrian know


Praying together while we cannot be together

Please continue to pray for members of our church family who are sick, notably Paul Bain, Pat Collins, Nigel Corbitt, Jennifer Emmett, Brian Hall, Helen Hall,  Ron Paine, Jim Robertson, Michael Scott, Jordan Storey

...and let's give thanks for the measure of recovery in Lesley Towers, Lisa Dryburgh and Betty Creese.


We have distributed a small order of prayer for you to use each day at home : more copies are available if needed..


We are inviting every member of the family to pause for a time of prayer at 12 noon each day. In particular please pray for:

  • All involved in our Health Service
  • The sick and anxious
  • The family of the church, and especially the most vulnerable



It is important that we continue in our regular giving to the church.New sets of envelopes have all now been delivered. Please add your weekly/monthly contributions and put these to one side for when you return. Thank you. If you would like to talk about switching to a standing order or a direct Debit, then please contact Denise Appleton who will explain how to do it - it really is quite painless.


Donations to the Food Bank

The box is now in the church porch. If you have anything to contribute should be happy to pass it on. If you cannot get to the church ask a friend or neighbour to drop it in (as part of their daily exercise) - they might possibly put something in themselves!