Parochial Church Council



25 April 2021



  1. Since our last APM, the PCC has met on three occasions.  At each meeting as routine items of business the Council has considered reports from the Church’s Committees and Groups, which have occurred since the last Council meeting.  In addition, reports were received from representatives of Diocesan and Deanery Synods of what has occurred at meetings of the respective synods.  Diocesan Budget, in that it was not sustainable to keep all fulltime the posts of Clergy in the Diocese.  This meant that the number of Clergy had to be reduced and would involve Parishes being required to work together to share Clergy resources.  Therefore, at the request of Deanery Synod the Council has discussed this and considered who we may consider linking up with, given that we receive the episcopal ministry of the Bishop of Beverley with the consent of the Bishop of Newcastle.  Discussions on this continue at Deanery level.   


    1. The Council’s Annual Meeting was held on the 19th of October last, with the usual items of business, namely, the election of officers for the year, ie. Andrew Pinkett as Hon. Treasurer and myself as Hon. Secretary.  Mr Michael Nicholson was elected as Lay Vice Chairman. The meeting also considered the terms of office of the Lay Members of the Council and the appointment of Committees and Groups.  The Council has also considered the project of the redevelopment of the Church Hall and the establishment of a Charitable Company to oversee its development and future management on behalf of the PCC.  To this end we discussed a Briefing Paper which set out the current situation and possible next steps.  Following a detailed discussion, the Council felt that the current proposal of establishing a Charitable Trust to manage and erect a new hall be paused and enquires be made to establish the possible costs involved in keeping the present building but making it “fit for purpose” for say the next twenty years.


    1. This has been a further busy period for the Council considering the present circumstances and ensuring the appropriate Risk Assessments have been carried out and measures taken to ensure the Church and any activities allowed have been COVID 19 secure.  The meetings have been well attended.  As indicated above, reports have been received at each meeting from the various committees and Groups. The Fabric Committee have kept Council updated on the progress of work being undertaken with the Architect and details of the repairs, which have been completed throughout the period.  Repairs to the clearstory windows and stonework together with stonework repairs to the Apse have been completed. (Details of this work are referred to in the Church Wardens Report.)          


    1. As part of our “Keeping in Touch” initiative during lockdown and during this period a Newsletter has been circulated to the congregation by email and “hard copy”, including its delivery to those shielding or unable to be with us.  It has not been possible to produce a Magazine during this period.  The Council decided that we should keep our present system of publishing a Newsletter in its present form, with the publication of an expanded edition from time to time.


    1. During this period, it has not been possible to have any social events which would have been well supported and enjoyed by all.  We look forward to the time when we can again have such events as concerts, choral evensong etc.  The Friends of St George’s also have been quiet given the present situation but have managed to hold their Annual Meeting and secure some funding from donations and subscriptions. 

1.6 There have been some items of correspondence received, which      have been considered and decisions made on how to take them forward.

1.7 As previously reported the Council has adopted the latest Diocesan Model Safeguarding Policy together with a paper entitled “Safer Working Practices” which sits alongside the Model.  A Statement on Domestic Abuse and a new Confidential Declaration Form was also endorsed.  Arrangements have been made for additional appropriate members of the church who work with children and vulnerable people to be checked and registered accordingly.  A copy of the Policy is shown on the Church’s Website and lists of the people concerned are held with the Council’s official records.  The Council has received regular reports the Parish Safeguarding Officer, including the completion of Declaration forms by Members of the PCC and others including those working with children, vulnerable people and others.  As a result, I would state that the Council has complied with its duty under Section 5 of the Safeguarding and Clergy Measure 2016 (duty to have regard to House of Bishops guidance on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults).  (Further information is in the Parish safeguarding Officer’s Report).

1.8 As stated above, discussions regarding Church Services have taken place and decisions taken having regard to COVID 19 Guidance issued by the Church of England.    

1.9 Further development of the Choir is largely on hold under Andrew Reid as our Director of Music and his wife Louise.  The “Choir Club” has met virtually and either a cantor or when permitted a small choir has sung at the 9.30 service on Sundays or other special midweek services.

2.0 Two members of the Council are to stand down this year, namely, Mr Philip Hornby and Mrs Liz Lynn.  I would like to thank them on behalf of the PCC for their services to the Council and the Church.

 I would also like to express my thanks to everyone for their support.

B McNally.

Honorary Secretary.                        April 2021.