Safeguarding Report

St Georges Parish Church

Annual Parish Meeting

Safeguarding Report


The Safeguarding team met in January 2020 and have been unable to meet since due to the Corona virus pandemic.

However, our Safeguarding policies and practises remain in effect. And DBS checks are continuing to be maintained and update in accordance with the guidelines.

As and when we are able to, we will: -

  • Re assess our priorities in terms of Safeguarding, and the tasks and new procedures that may need to be put in place.
  • Continue to roll out the new Declaration forms (particularly for new PCC members). 
  • Ensure that training is up to date (in particular for the Pastoral group and new PCC members).

. It needs to be noted that currently training from the Diocese is available online. Foundation Safeguarding (Basic Awareness (CO)) can be done online. While C1 and C2 can be booked online, and details will be issued re workbooks and zoom details if applicable. 

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to the Safeguarding team and the PCC for their support and due regard for Safeguarding in these difficult times.

This concludes the Safeguarding annual report for 2021. 

  Alison French

  Parish Safeguarding Officer.