Mother's Union


The Mother's Union

We have a brilliant branch of this amazing organisation at St. George's Church and we should like to tell you more about the movement in general, and about our branch in particular. We should be simply delighted if you wanted to join us...


How it all started

The Mothers' Union is a worldwide organisation of over 4 million members  in 81 countries.  It was started 137 years ago by Mary Sumner, the wife of the Rector of Old Arlesford in Hampshire. There was great poverty in the 1800's and Mary saw the need to give help to mothers to care for their families.  She believed prayer was at the centre of family life and the power of prayer  could change society. Bible Study classes were started, Sunday Schools formed and the very important monthly meeting for women where they could meet for fellowship and mutual support.
Mothers' Union branches were quickly established in other dioceses and overseas.  It is now the largest women's organisation in the world and the difference between it and other secular organisations is its prayer life.


  The Mothers' Union range and depth of work far exceeds Mary Sumner's original    vision  of a circle of prayer upholding family life. This entailed extending our work into hospitals through providing toiletry bags for emergency patients; knitting clothes for premature babies; supporting patients who have no visitors; working in the visitors centre in our local prisons;  and supporting Refuge Centres for women and children. Members work tirelessly to raise funds for these projects and for our overseas work where we assist families with parenting, literacy and numeracy projects and provide them with fresh water. In this diocese one of our largest projects is providing caravan holidays for families in need of a break.

For all 4 million members, what the Mothers' Union provides is a network through which they can serve Christ in their own community - through prayer, financial support and actively working at grassroots level in programmes that meet local needs.  You can find out more at


For full details of our annual programme contact Canon Helen Brunton, Branch Leader, mail: or Tel: 0191 253 1924